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Estimates & Actuals with Microsoft Project 2007

This form allows you to work with more sophisticated project management reporting patterns and provides greater control how Percent Complete, Baselines (what we call Estimates) and Actuals are updated in Microsoft Project 2007. These settings control what happens automatically, which in turn can affect the automatic calculations within Microsoft Project.(More on Calculations)

Update MS Project Percent Complete

By default this is set to true when you first start working with IntelliGantt because many project managers are looking for a simple way to share tasks and receive progress reports in the form of percent complete. However, if you would rather team members report their 'Actual Work' and 'Remaining Work', then you will need to uncheck this field so that IntelliGantt does not update it. The reason is Microsoft Project will assign arbitrary percent complete values in this field in some situations. Any updates, even if it's the same value, can have unforeseen consequences.

Update MS Project Estimates

By default this is set to false when you first start working with IntelliGantt because Microsoft's automatic calculations might give you some surprising results if you're not aware estimates are being updated. You can always apply IntelliGantt's cached estimates to the project by selecting IntelliGantt->Project->Apply Estimates.

Updating MS Project Actuals

By default actuals are also not updated automatically by IntelliGantt right out of the box. Similar to the estimates, updated actuals will cause Microsoft Project to automatically recalculate the project. You can always apply IntelliGantt's cached actuals to the project by selecting IntelliGantt->Project->Apply Actuals.

If you would like to run your project so that SharePoint team members can update 'Actual Work' and 'Remaining Work', you should enable this field. This will allow IntelliGantt to make the necessary updates to capture Actual Work and Remaining Work from SharePoint and correctly update Microsoft Project (be sure 'Update MS Percent Complete' is turned off in this case).

Choosing a Baseline

Microsoft Project has many baselines, but only one group of 'Actual' values. Rather than duplicate multiple baselines, IntelliGantt works with a current baseline and names them 'Estimates'. This makes greater sense for the SharePoint team members who may not be exprienced in project management nomenclature and still allows project managers to convey important baseline information.

If the 'Set as Default' is checked when the form first appears, then the current workspace settings match the default settings. If there is no actively shared workspace present, then this checkbox is greyed out as you can only change default settings.