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Roll Up Your IntelliGantt SharePoint Projects

Since TeamDirection first introduced its rich desktop integration with SharePoint, customers have been asking for a way to roll up SharePoint projects into one view. IntelliGantt and IntelliGantt Plus, of course, both support multi-project view-- the ability to view multiple projects in one project sheet on the desktop. But what about a solution for the SharePoint server?

TeamDirection is proud to partner with another Seattle company, Sofalot LLC, and bring you a SharePoint package that rolls up your SharePoint projects and even provides information on their health. Using an IntelliGantt/GanttPoint solution, a project manager, and members of the project, gain many productive benefits:

  • Aggregated tasks lists for the logged in user
  • A single source to update task data for all projects
  • Basic project health information
  • A roll up list for all your tasks, milestones, issues, events, meeting and custom lists
  • A Calendar View tailored for the current user

Screenshot 1: This screenshot shows two web parts in the 'Root Site', which gives you a listing of projects and, in this example, milestones across the projects. The overall health of each project is also displayed. This Root Site is intelligent in that it automatically searches its sub sites, gathers task information and rolls it up into a single, cohesive view.

Screenshot 2: The Calendar View is an intuitive way to see rolled up project information in the context of your schedule. Instead of a list, project information is placed on a calendar, individualized for the user. Their assigned items are allocated for the appropriate due date, with helpful icons showing you the type of item it is.

Screenshot 3: For the more list oriented, GanttPoint presents one where all your tasks, milestones, issues, events and meetings are in one place. Notice the icons on the far left showing the type of item, and the natural progression of Project, List and Item-- all clickable for you to go right to the source and easily update them.

Combined with an IntelliGantt desktop products, a project manager can easily publish projects, assign tasks and synchronize updates with MS Project or IntelliGantt. Team members can view their tasks across projects still using only the browser. Management can also view the health of projects and be informed of updates as they happen.

The end result is everyone working with the same information on literally the same page.

This product is currently in BETA testing. If you would like to try it out today, contact us.


  • WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007
  • IntelliGantt Plus or IntelliGantt Add In for MS Project versions or higher