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Working with Bamboo Solutions
Project Management Central

Bamboo Solutions recently introduced their SharePoint Project Management Central(PM Central) package of popular web parts bundled together in templates targetted for project management. Since TeamDirection works with both the Bamboo Solutions Task Master and Project Portfolio Dashboard, we were invited to try out PM Central and see how well IntelliGantt integrates with it. We're pleased to say 'very well, thank you' and introduce the steps below to help get you going.

What makes the combination of PM Central and IntelliGantt so powerful?

  • Bamboo's Task Master has rich Gantt that solves two big requests of SharePoint users-- Pareent/Child nesting and Task Dependencies.
  • IntelliGantt provides the easiest and most complete way to synchronize desktop applications like Microsoft Project with Task Master.
  • Bamboo's PM Central summary view let you see how all your projects are doing.

The following screenshot show how easy it is to work with the two products together.

Screenshot 1:PM Central focuses exclusively on providing a centralized location where you can view and provide real-time status of your company's entire project portfolio as well as rich templates you can create specifically designed for managing projects.

Screenshot 2:Under the 'Central Admin' tab on the far right is the 'Add New Project' menu command that makes it easy to add a SharePoint site tailored to project management as a subsite of PM Central. The additional benefit of creating projects sites this way is that PM Central will automatically add them to its summary view.

Screenshots 3: We only need to supply the name of our new project site. We'll choose IntelliGantt 1 since we are focusing on PM Central and IntelliGantt working together..

Screenshots 4: A SharePoint site is created based on a rich template Bamboo provides. The only thing missing is a way to connect your current plans in Microsoft Project to this site..

Screenshots 5: This is where IntelliGantt, and specifically the IntelliGantt Add In for Microsoft Project, help you out by providing the glue between MS Project and PM Central. For example, here we have a simple project that isn't very creative but demonstrates a simple project with parent/child relationships and task dependencies..

Screenshot 6: In addtition to task information, IntelliGantt will also match up resources with SharePoint members. The key is to make sure your MS Project resources have an email addressing matching their corresponding SharePoint member. If you use MS Project's resource pools, you can define an email address for a resource once in the pool. Or you can use IntelliGantt's resource pool and pull SharePoint member information directly from a SharePoint site.

Screenshot 7: To send project information to PM Central, select the Share menu item under the IntelliGantt menu. For a complete introduction on how to share projects to SharePoint with IntelliGantt, view our screencast.

Screenshot 8: In the Share Wizard, we copy and paste the URL of the PM Central project site we created and click Go. IntelliGantt will communicate with SharePoint and PM Central and give you a list of web parts it recognizes. Here it has found the task list, which we will select and share to.

Screenshot 9: Because we are connecting to the Task Master, we will adjust some of the Workspace Settings to take advantage of the Task Master's enhancements. Highlighted by the burgandy boxes below, we add WBS and Milestone information to the mix. These means that IntelliGantt will populate WBS and Milestone fields, which SharePoint members can read. We will also set the Filter to 'Show All'. This will let us show the Parent/Child hieararchy and Task Dependencies in the Task Master.

Screenshot 10: After successfully sharing our tasks to PM Central, IntelliGantt updates the MS Project plan by adding hyperlinks to each task, and introduces an 'Unread' column so you can see which tasks have changed.

Screenshot 11: Pointing our web browser to the Task List in SharePoint, we see our project plan in the Task Master with all the features we were hoping for:

  • A rich task list showing summary tasks and children
  • Task dependencies in the Gantt view
  • Enhanced milestone graphics in the Gantt view

Screenshot 12: The IntelliGantt integration with PM Central is not just one -way. Full bi-directional synchronization is supported between PM Central and MS Project. For example, here will will update the Status  and % Complete fields. If you remember the 'Workspace Settings', you will see that many fields can be introduced and synchronized as well, like actuals, % Work Complete, Text1-Text30 custom fields and many more.

Screenshot 13: To synchronize with MS Project, choose the Update menu item under IntelliGantt. (Since this project has been 'Shared', the Share menu item is greyed out and Update is now available).

Screenshot 14: IntelliGantt checks for changes in both MS Project and in SharePoint and merges them together. Because we only updated the status and % complete in Child Task 1, we see the results in MS Project-- the task is now complete and an 'Unread' marker lets us know this task has changed.

Screenshot 15: Because we are working with at task list that PM Central knows about, we can also see the changes reflected in to summary views. Here we see our IntelliGantt 1 project in the summary list, and that it's now 10% complete as a result of Child Task 1 being completed.

Try the IntelliGantt Add In for Microsoft Project with PM Central for a fully-functional 15-day evaluation today.


  • [Server] WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007
  • Windows XP, Vista
  • .NET 3.5 SP1
  • Microsoft Project 2007
  • IntelliGantt Add In for Microsoft Project versions or higher