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TeamDirection Partners around the World

If you know people using MS Project, MindManager, SharePoint and Basecamp... we should talk!


Mindjet Mindjet provides personal productivity and collaboration solutions that visually connect ideas, information and people to save time, improve business processes and drive innovation.

CorasWorks is a global leader in applications and application development tools that drive immediate business value on Microsoft SharePoint. More than 1,000 organizations and 1 million users worldwide download and use plug-and-play apps from CorasWorks and our partners, and build their own applications without the cost and complexity of custom code using our comprehensive application development system. CorasWorks is a Microsoft Gold-certified Managed Partner headquartered in Reston, VA. For more information on our plug-and-play apps or our application development system, visit

Anywhere Anytime Communications are specialists in Microsoft cloud computing, BPOS and Office 365. They provide consulting, integrating, customizing and 'flight training' to Silicon Valley executive teams in order to make better, faster, more informed and more intelligent business decisions.

Advanced SW Technologies specializes in leading-edge software development, portal architecture design, innovative solutions and technical services.

Systems GmbH Unici sono le sone le "core competence" dell'azienda systems: offerte innovative, una relazione attrattiva di prezzo/prestazione e servizi pro-attivi, sottolineati dall professionalita e fidatezza degli collaboratori, la competenza tecnologica e una consulenza focussata.

SimpleSharePoint is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and a premier SharePoint consulting firm in the US. Our focus is on design and development of SharePoint solutions that automate business information handling and organization of document management. We create workflows and smart electronic forms to automate and streamline business processes. Our solutions allow information workers to easily access critical business information, analyze data derived from various data sources, and make it accessible to the decision makers in dashboards.

Partner with TeamDirection

TeamDirection delivers innovative, intuitive and affordable solutions to companies and organizations of any size. We are a technology shop that enjoys demistifying project management and making it accessible to everyone. If you've met people hungry for such solutions and have their interests at heart, then we will make a great team.

We run a simple partner program: we're happy to provide you a reseller discount if you make at least one sale per quarter.

Become A TeamDirection Partner

For more information on becoming a valued TeamDirection partner, email us at We'll be happy to work with you on your reseller discount, walk through scenarios and answer any question you have.