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IntelliGantt for Facebook

See multiple projects in a single view.
Filter items by assignments.
Compare assignments side-by-side with swimlanes.
Integrates with Facebook notifications.
Works with mouse or finger on any platform.

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IntelliGantt and Facebook make it easy for Projects to be Social

A few projects on Facebook

Collaborate with Friends and Colleagues

Select the People to Work With

You are connected to a mix of friends and colleagues in Facebook and not all of them want to be assigned things to do. Simply click the 'cog' right by PEOPLE and select the ones you want to work with in the list box. The standard Ctrl+Mouse Click works on laptops and desktops. Tablets will pop up a multiselect editor. No need to worry about sending invites to folks and coaxing them to sign up-- they're already there.

Select the Projects to Work With

You can view all your Facebook projects across all pages in one place, or just a few at a time. Simply select the ones you want to work with in the PROJECTS list box. Compare and contrast assignments across the spectrum of your day-to-day to make sure nothing is overbooked.

Selecting multiple projects on Facebook

In Place Editing

Every cell in the task list is editable. Simply click the mouse or touch a cell to enter a rich edit mode. You can even click on text in the Gantt chart and edit it. Text boxes, date controls, assignments, predecessors and flags are all handled with the native controls of the platform you're on.


Tasks aren't done by themselves, it takes people. The difference with IntelliGantt for Facebook is these assignments don't just happen in a vacuum. When you assign someone to a task, IntelliGantt for Facebook will send a notification to the assignee letting them know. Better yet, this notification is sent via Facebook as part of their normal information stream.

A few projects on Facebook


In order for things to run like clockwork, you need to know when a task is ready for work. Task dependencies help you model the order of operations on the schedule and, once again, Facebook notifications help users stay informed when things are ready to go.

If two tasks share a dependency, when the predecessor is completed IntelliGantt will send a notification to all people assigned to the successor tasks. This is a push type of notification so team members see this in their Facebook stream immediately. They click on the notification and are swiftly taken to the task needing their attention.

A few projects on Facebook

Percent Complete with Rollups

While your project is humming like a clock you can check its progress by viewing percent completes for every task. More importantly, these percent complete values are averaged out and rolled up through summary tasks. IntelliGantt will also color code task items that are behind red and task items that are done or are in the future green.

Multilevel Undo Support

With great power comes great responsibility. But sometimes you still make a mistake or two. Not a problem with our multilevel undo support. Any edit you make can be undone by clicking the 'undo' image button to the left of the task grid. Furthermore, if you find you've really gone off track, keep clicking 'undo' until you're in a better place.

Drag and Drop Support

Move a todo item forward or backward in time with your mouse or finger. Move a todo list forward or back and the children follow as well. In the todo list you can grab the icon in the Display Name column and reorder items with drag and drop.

Zoom In and Out

At the lower left of IntelliGantt for Facebook you see a horizontal slider and a vertical slider. The horizontal slider will increase or decrease the timeline from years to hours. We put in the vertical slider to give your more flexibility for all the form factors available. That is to say, you can make the rows (and the accompanying text) smaller or bigger by sliding up or down.

Swim Lanes

When you collapse a summary task, we show you all the children within a swim lane. This lets you see more items on the timeline, giving you a better sense of all that needs to be done (and all that has been accomplished).

Filtering by People

It's great to see the whole project, but also extremely important to drill down to specifics like 'who is doing what' and 'which tasks are still unassigned'. Simply select the people you want to filter for and IntelliGantt will immediately filter their items. Combined with the Swim Lanes feature, you can easily and quickly compare two peoples tasks for overlap and reassign if necessary.

Private Messages with Task Context

Even though Facebook has over a billion users, that doesn't mean you want everyone to see a status request on a task. Thankfully, you don't have to worry about it. Facebook will let you send a private message and IntelliGantt will add the task context so everyone addressed in your message will be seeing the same data on the same page.

Two Views

Switch to the 'By People' view and see tasks grouped by person by project. Note that we keep track of unassigned items for you as well. Combining this view with the aforementioned filters means you can quickly compare two or more people's work schedule.

The People View

What Does IntelliGantt Run On? Let Us Count the Ways

IntelliGantt for Facebook will run anywhere Facebook runs-- on Windows and MacOS using IE9+, Chrome 22+, Firefox 17+ and Safari 5+. IntelliGantt for Facebook will also run on iPad 2+, Android Jelly Bean+ and Windows Surface (RT and Pro). Basically any platform that supports HTML5 and Javascript.