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IntelliGantt for Basecamp

Powerful Online Gantt Charting and Scheduling.
Multiple Projects, Multiple Views, Smart Filtering.
Schedule by Tasks or by Resources and Compare Work.
Add extra fields you need-- more text, numbers, dates and choices.
Works with mouse or finger on any platform.
PMs use IntelliGantt. Team Members use Basecamp. Everyone in Sync.

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Work interactively with your Basecamp projects

Bringing More Tools for Basecamp

Select One or More Basecamp Projects to Work With

You can view all your Basecamp projects in one place, or just a few at a time. Simply select the ones you want to work with in the list box. The standard Ctrl+Mouse Click works on laptops and desktops. Tablets will pop up a multiselect editor. All the todo lists, todo items and comments will then appear. This gives you the ability to see a broad range of items important to you in a single view.

Multiple Basecamp projects selected

Filtering by People

It's great to see the whole project, but also extremely important to drill down to specifics like 'who is doing what' and 'which todos are still unassigned'. Simply select the people you want to filter for and IntelliGantt will immediately filter their items. Combined with the Swim Lanes feature, you can easily and quickly compare two peoples tasks for overlap and reassign if necessary.

Select one or more people and see their assignments across the selected projects

View by Task or by People

How would you like to approach your projects? Maybe somedays it makes sense to see them organized by Todo Lists with their Todo Items, but other days it makes sense to see them organized by People-- Who is in a project and What they have to do. So we make it easy to switch between a task oriented view and a people oriented view. It just depends how you want to view the world.

View the tasks organized by Todo Lists or by People

Quick Views

Seeing all the tasks in a project is great. Having a set of powerful filters to quickly narrow the list to tasks of high value is even better. As a task approaches its start date and goes through its lifecycle these quick views help make sure things don't slip through the cracks.

Built in quick views let's you see tasks of special interest

Smart Searching

Search on any Basecamp field or any field you create. Choose to search across all fields or select a particular one and see the results in context. As you type in the textbox the list will automatically reconfigure to show your matches.

Smartly search across all fields or one of your choice

Create Extra Fields

We introduce Start, Predecessors and Percent Complete for your Basecamp projects. You can introduce as many additional fields as you like, we'll keep track of them for you. Need more text fields to describe a task? Can do. Want numbers that roll up? Absolutely. Extra date fields to track baselines. Got it. Selection lists for users to choose from. Covered!

Best of all you can do a Smart Search on any of these extra fields to really customize your data. Speaking of which, this extra data is stored outside of Basecamp so that it doesn't clutter what you team members see in Basecamp. Think of it as that little bit extra for the project manager.

Add new fields of type text, number, date or choice to your projects

In Place Editing

What good are all these rich fields without excellent editing support? Every cell in the task list is editable. Simply click the mouse or touch a cell to enter a rich edit mode. Text boxes, date controls, assignments, predecessors and even flags are all handled with the native controls of the platform you're on.

Edit fields of type text, number, date or choice with rich editors in place

Multilevel Undo Support

With great power comes great responsibility. But sometimes you still make a mistake or two. Not a problem with our multilevel undo support. Any edit you make can be undone by clicking the 'undo' image button to the left of the task grid. Furthermore, if you find you've really gone off track, keep clicking 'undo' until you're in a better place.

Drag and Drop Support

Move a todo item forward or backward in time with your mouse or finger. Move a todo list forward or back and the children follow as well. In the todo list you can grab the icon in the Display Name column and reorder items with drag and drop.

Zoom In and Out

At the lower left of IntelliGantt for Basecamp you see a horizontal slider and a vertical slider. The horizontal slider will increase or decrease the timeline from years to hours. We put in the vertical slider to give your more flexibility for all the form factors available. That is to say, you can make the rows (and the accompanying text) smaller or bigger by sliding up or down.


Oh sure, everything is online and viewable with a web link, but what about good, old-fashioned printing. Yes, we heard you and are pleased to provide high fidelity printing support. Choose your projects, people, views and filter and print exactly what you see.

Print exactly what you see on the screen to your printing devices

Download your Data

Want to bring all your data down locally and crunch the numbers in an application like Excel? No problem. Select the projects you want to retrieve and simply click the 'download' button.

Download your project data and work on it with local applications

Task Colors

We've spent years of researching finding the perfect color for tasks, only to discover there isn't one! So we provide the defaults and you provide the flourish. Set the color for any task and optionally for its children as well.

Give any task a specific color

Swim Lanes

When you collapse a Todo List, we show you all the Todos within that list in a swim lane. This lets you see more items on the timeline, giving you a better sense of all that needs to be done (and all that has been accomplished).

Cost Effective

Not everyone in the company needs IntelliGantt for Basecamp. The project manager and the stakeholders will find it very powerful, but for team members all that extra power might just be noise. For your workgroup you may only need 1 or 2 licenses. Because IntelliGantt for Basecamp works with Basecamp, everyone is always in sync with respect to the Todo Lists and Todo Items. Team Members still see their jobs and what they need to do. Project managers and stakeholders just get a little extra.

What Does IntelliGantt Run On? Let Us Count the Devices!

IntelliGantt for Basecamp will run on Windows and MacOS using IE9+, Chrome 22+, Firefox 17+ and Safari 5+. IntelliGantt for Basecamp will also run on iPad 2+, Android Jelly Bean+ and Windows Surface (RT and Pro). Basically any platform that supports HTML5 and Javascript.