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IntelliGantt Web Part for Basecamp

How to work with Choices

  • Click on the 'expander' at the very lower left of the application
  • Once the 'People' area opens you will see everyone participating in your currently selected project
  • Click on any person to filter items only assigned to them
  • Click on addition people to add their items to the view
  • Unclick every person to see all items once more

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Simple Choice Filtering

In addition to viewing the people in your projects, you can cross-reference milestones and todo items by their status as well.

You can also cross-reference milestones and todo items by their status

Click the 'People' dropdown to show the available fields you can use.

Click the 'People' dropdown to see available fields.

When you select a field, all the choices for that field fill the area below. Also, all the choices are cross-referenced by users assigned to milestones and todo items and presented in pie charts.

Available choices for a field appear as well as a pie chart presentation for each users assigned tasks.

When you click on a choice, all the milestones and todo items are filtered to match that choice.

Milestones and todo items are filtered by the choices you select

When you click on a person, all the milestones and tasks are futher filtered such that the selected person must be assigned.

View a persons assignments by clicking on them

To return to an unfiltered list, click on the selected choices and people so that they are no longer selected.

Unselect choices and people to return to the default view